Undergraduate / Graduate course, Ruhr University Bochum

offered by Prof. Dr. May (2022/23), Prof. Dr. Fleischhacker (2023/24)

Corrector (2022/23), Corrector & Exercise Supervisor (2023/24)

Course Description

An introduction to modern methods of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography is provided. For this purpose, an attacker model is defined and the security of the presented encryption, hashing and signature methods is proven under well-defined complexity assumptions in this attacker model.

Topic Overview:

  • Secure encryption against KPA, CPA, and CCA attackers
  • Pseudorandom functions and permutations
  • Message Authentication Codes
  • Collision-resistant hash functions
  • Block ciphers
  • Construction of random number generators
  • Diffie-Hellman key exchange
  • Trapdoor one-way permutations
  • Public key encryption: RSA, ElGamal, Goldwasser-Micali, Rabin, Paillier
  • One-way signatures
  • Signatures from collision-resistant hash functions
  • Random Oracle Model