Quantum Cryptography

Graduate Course / CASA PhD Lecture, Ruhr University Bochum, 2022

  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Walter, Dr. Giulio Malavolta
  • Language: English
  • Credits: 5 CP
  • Programs: M.Sc Computer Science, M.Sc. IT-Security
  • Examination: 100 % Oral Exam (30 Minutes)

Course Description

This course will give an introduction to the interplay of quantum information and cryptography, which has recently led to much excitement and insights, including by researchers at CASA right here on our very own campus. We will begin with a brief introduction to both fields and discuss in the first half of the course how quantum computers can attack classical cryptography and how to overcome this challenge - either by protecting against the power of quantum computers or by leveraging the power of quantum information. In the second half of our course, we will discuss how to generalize cryptography to protect quantum data and computation.

Topic to be covered will likely include:

  • Basic quantum computing
  • Basic cryptography
  • Quantum Attacks on classical cryptography
  • Quantum random oracles and compressed oracle technique
  • Quantum-resistant cryptography in light of the NIST competition
  • Classical vs Quantum Information
  • Quantum Money
  • Quantum Key Distribution
  • Quantum Complexity Theory
  • Quanutm Pseudorandomness
  • From classical to quantum fully homomorphic encryption
  • Classical verification of quantum computation
  • Quantum rewinding

This course should be of interest to students of computer science, mathematics, physics, and related disciplines. Students interested in a Master’s project in quantum-resistant cryptography, quantum information, quantum computing, and similar are particularly encouraged to participate.